With a long history and global expertise , Yemenia Training Center (YTC) offers scientific and practical training for Yemenia Staff , air travel agencies , air cargo agencies and general publics , to be capable of carrying job their responsibilities according to the national international aviation laws and best aviation business practices .

YTC got the recognition and the approval of the Yemen Civil Aviation Authority (YCAMA) as an Aviation Training Center.

YTC Objectives

  • To support Yemen Airways' quest for highest safety and security standards.
  • To actively contribute in the development of human resources.
  • To interact with the regulatory bodies to support and protect the interests of Yemen Airways.
  • To provide our customers with high standard and up-to-date training services to help them meet the regulatory bodies training requirements.
  • To launch joint training programs between Yemeni aviation parties with the objective of achieving efficiencies that will maintain the safe and secure air transport services .
  • To provide Yemen Aviation Market with the new professionals with multi aviation skills to meet market need .
  • Establishing Yemen airways academy in the next few years